Santa's Secret Valley

Santa's Secret Valley 3.0

Santa's Secret Valley is an interesting adventure game for kids (See all)
AHA! Software Inc.

Santa's Secret Valley is an interesting adventure game with a Christmas theme, in which players should rescue Santa's magic items. The game is mainly oriented for kids, since adults may find it a little bit boring and slow-paced. It features nice but not detailed graphics with appropriate music and sound effects. It also includes a beautiful story, which can be read by kids or their parents before starting to play. The game is full of interesting puzzles and trivia quizzes that will stimulate kids and grown-ups alike. Every time you solve a puzzle, it takes you further into the unfolding story, which finally leads you to win the game. The game also includes a hint center, which offers some help on how to proceed in the game or how to solve its different puzzles, but without revealing the solution. The game can be saved at any stage, so you can continue it any time you want without losing your progress. The trial version of the game does not include all levels and modes, but users can have a clear view of what the game is about.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice story and gameplay
  • Has suitable music and sound effects
  • Hint center


  • Not detailed graphics
  • Slowed-paced
  • Little interaction
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